Certainly beats the military chemical heaters i.e. flameless ration heaters if you want your 24hr ORP boil in the bag meals hot enough but you'll need either a plastic or double walled cup if you want to drink a hot brew out of one of these. The Hexamine and Fuel Gel are pretty messy though but they do work (esp with the Hexitabs ). The set is pretty indestructible though and not much can go wrong.

Personally I would go with something a little lighter, faster, controllable and efficient such as the Gelert Blaze PZ Micro Titanium Folding Gas Stove (Markill Peak Ignition Copy) and Primus Etapower 1.2 litre pot (Etapower pots are extremely fuel efficient and will over time will save money due to the cost of the expensive gas canisters).



Or even the Swedish Trangia cookset if cost is a factor.


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