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Air Force Academy retired survival training director
Peter Kummerfeldt lectures/demonstrates signal mirrors
for 4:34 of this 5:28 long video clip online:

Raw video: Signaling : News : KXRM FOX 21

I've looked through the various survival signal mirror videos on YouTube and
put together a "playlist" of those I thought were good, sorted roughly by my ranking.


[ Disclosure: many of these are mine <grin>, though only one of the top seven. ]

#1: Survival Signal Mirror Flashes at 0.7, 11.1, 43 mile range {Mine}
#2: Starflash survival signal mirror 2x3"
#3: Survival: How to use a Signal Mirror.
#4: Ed Viesturs Survival Essentials { Some non-mirror stuff, but demo of Rescue Flash
#5: MDB signal Mirror PT1 { Part 1 of a 3-part review of Rescue Flash & 4 others}
#6: MDB signal Mirror PT2
#7: MDB signal Mirror PT3
#8: 3"x5" Glass Signal Mirror at 44 miles - digital zoom {mine}
#9: 01 { Comparison of 5 signal mirrors - field test }
#10: Signal Mirror { comparison: mirror, Altoids tin, aluminum foil}
#11: 22 mile flash, 3"x5" glass mirror {mine}
#12: 22 mile flash, 2"x3" plastic mirror {Rescue Flash, mine}
#13: 3"x5" glass signal mirror at 44 miles - digital zoom {mine}
#14: 3"x5" glass signal mirror at 44 miles {mine}
#15: Signal Mirror Flashes at 11.1 miles (3"x5" glass mirror) {mine}
#16: espejos de seņal (signal mirrors) {flashes from multiple sites}
A signal mirror should backup a radio distress signal, like a 406 MHz PLB (ACR PLB) (Ocean Signal PLB)