my copy of Two Little Savages is just a few feet away---i check the print date and i see it's just about 100 years old..all of Seton's books are a good read even if dated.also try Sam Campbell's outdoor books.not survival but general outdoor story's
with a "message".Moose Country--How's Inky-A Tippy Canoe And Canada Too are just a few.if you are near the town of Three Lakes Wisconsin there is a memorial hiking trail around his old stomping grounds at Vanishing Lake.i read my Daughter all the Box Car Kids story's and while not survival they are "getting along without grown-up's" sort of tales. Dillon Wallace who survived a canoe trip disaster in Labrador back in 1901 wrote several "boys adventure books" Ungava Bob is the one i have.C.A. Stephens also did a number of books in the same vein,Camping Out and Left on Labrador are a couple i have also.this time period around 1900 seems to have many boys outdoor adventure storys,i'll leave you with St George Rathborne and Canoe Mates In Canada and The Young Fur Takers--that should keep you busy for the winter--