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I'm using the GI 'Artic' canteen cup as part of a kit.

That cup seems (almost) just the right shape and size - and I REALLY like your kit! smile

I'm assuming that AMK bag is some bivy bag or similar - what kind and what size?

Glad you guys like it. Its something I put together one lazy afternoon with stuff I already had, and I suspect most of us already have lying around the house. haha.

I actually bought the cup and pouch at the same time off ebay but it didn't occur to me that it would fit until some time later.

Yes, its the AMK Emergency Bivvy Bag, which is the bag version of the Heatsheets emergency blanket.
Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy
Weight: 3.5oz
Size: 36" x 84"

I haven't weighed it but I'd say the size and weight of kit and the hard cup make it pretty uncomfortable to carry in a pocket.