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One thing that would be really helpful is some kind of SS lid that fits on top of the SS cup.

Some of the high end, titanium ones do. And they are taller (larger) to boot.

But if you are going with a stainless steel one, no one makes a commercial lid for them. So you'll have to make one. Observe, the rim of the GSI or Olicamp cups are a perfect fit to the end of a coffee can. So, if you have a side cut can openner, use that, and carefully remove the end. A very basic lid. If you want to get fancy with an eyebolt and a nut, or just a bit of cotton cord, you've got a handle you can lift it off by.

But if you are going to do that to a coffee can... *looks around and whispers conspiratorially* Keep the coffee can. Get a hose clamp, and you can make yourself a removable handle. The coffee can is a tight fit for most Nalgene carriers, and not as tough as some of the other options, but considering that you can do that for fairly cheaply, so long as you don't kill your pot/cup with the hose clamp by over tightening it.

Right now I'm trying to decide on what to do for a handle material, then I'll be posting pictures. Probably over Thanksgiving weekend.

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