Lono and Ironraven
Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't seen these SS cups that fit on a nalgene bottle - but it's a clever idea! A great space saver. I'll keep an eye out for them.

One thing that would be really helpful is some kind of SS lid that fits on top of the SS cup. Very good for retaining heat. The cup itself can be used for warming up soup or drinks, and a lid helps to improve the heat retention. I'm not sure if the products you mention have a lid ... but it would be a great addition.

I have a couple of SS cups from places like REI. These cups don't fit the water bottle, and in addition they only have a plastic lid. Of course, the plastic lid can melt if the cup is heated directly on the flames of a stove. A plastic lid is fine if you've already boiled liquids using a kettle, but to save weight in a real survival situation the SS cup itself can be the kettle.

Anyway - thanks for pointing out the equipment!


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