In regards to post-NuDet Communications:

The only system of communications guarranteed to function after an EMP consists of 2 tin cans connected by a string. On the other hand, the only Lines of Communications would be fiber optics. Unfortunately, fiber optics need to have an electronics device at each end, and they will have been burnt out by the EMP. Some scientists believe that electronics, never powered up, would survive the EMP, and function properly when powered up and connected to an antenna (CB's, VHF-FM, UHF, etc). This maybe true, especially if stored in a steel ammo box and grounded, putting it in a basic Faraday Cage.

In regards to auto's:

There are a few scientists who think that post-1972 manufactured autos (electronic ignition systems and onboard computers) will survive an EMP but there are many more who doubt that. NOBODY ACTUALLY KNOWS!! Bicycles are a very good type of Secondary transportation and (IMO) should be a part of every Bug Out Plan, just ask the North Vietnamese Army.

In regards to Bugging Out:

My plans to Bug Out are to dodge fallout or to evade a hurricane. I am looking at getting a toy box trailer to meet those needs. Another ETS member: Desperado, has a lot of experience with toy box trailers. I plan to consult with him prior to buying anything.

In regards to Bugging In:

I plan to bug in for most incidents: we use the hallway to wait out really bad storms and I can convert my 2 car garage into a fallout shelter in about 6 hours.
The best luck is what you make yourself!