I've always liked the idea of a preparedness trailer.

Hurricane, or whatever, approaches and I simply back up the truck, hook up, and drive off. Even a small truck can tow 1200 pounds so you could have a place to sleep two and 600 pounds of supplies ready to go. As I figure it 600 pounds of supplies means the ability to spend a month or more away from civilization but living pretty well. With that sort of capability ready to go the need to wait until the last minute, and possibly ending up fighting the crowds and traffic, is unnecessary. While everyone else is still figuring out what to do we could simply 'go on vacation'.

I'm pretty strong, not as strong as I used to be, but last time I checked I couldn't haul anywhere near 600 pounds of supplies in a backpack.

A trailer means you dependent on roads or wide trails, assuming a compact design and fair ground clearance, but it isn't too much of a burden for the benefit and time savings they seem to offer.