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That's a really nice set-up. Looking at that last jpeg, I'm wondering if a longer tarp would provide an awning over the trailer's hatch/door. Make more room under for a couple chairs to sit out of the rain (and drink that coffee). French Press?

Thanks, Russ. Yes, a French Press. Great cups of coffee, especially on a chilly morning camping.

When attached to the Loadwarrior roof basket, the canopy covers the entire space between the Element and the teardrop. It's very comfortable to lounge on the tailgate atop a closed cell foam pad. And in that configuration I can cook atop the tongue box in a rainstorm.

For longer trips, I have a 12' x 12' screenroom. A Eureka Northern Breeze -- one of my favorite pieces of camping gear. Snap-in floor, walls that can each be used as an awning. Guyed out, it's withstood many extreme thunderstorms.

It's a very comfortable setup for one or two plus a dog.