Magnesium block + ferrocerium rod
- not ideal in every situation but overall good solution
- an advantage is you always carry tinder (not long burning tinder but at least some tinder)
- at first I didnīt like it and almost ditched it but I gave it another try and now itīs my weapon of choice

Plastic Spark-Lite
- it seems itīs quite popular here but I have the opposite opinion
- for me it just didnīt work at all, it was very unreliable
- after several promising tests it suddenly failed to light even fluffed-up Tinder Quick
- itīs very small and therefore very EDC friendly but at the same time it can be its drawback (for example if you need to light a fire with numb fingers)
- the advantage is definately one-handed operation
To be fair thereīs possibility that I had just bad luck and received a bad piece. If you decide to buy it test it a lot.

Strike Force
- excellent firestarter but quite heavy and bulky for some people
- another all-in one solution (thereīs a compartment for tinder)
- I would probably replace the default tinder in the compartment with something more reliable (there were some issues with the tinder)

Swedish FireSteel (LMF etc.)
- reliable classic
- it comes in various sizes
- no tinder compartment so you have to carry it separately or attach it somehow
- itīs my EDC (on my carabiner)

But like someone before me said itīs best to try out several types if you can and see for yourself. Not every solution suits everyone.