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The captured water is pumped through filters... why? What would contaminate moisture in air? Wouldn't it be pretty pure without filters? The only thing I could think of is radioactive dust, and would the filters really cleanse the water of that?


What about normal dust?
There is a lot of crap in the air and as the water condenses it traps all the dust, lint, pollen and little bugs out of the air that it can.
That even includes airborne germs and viruses.
Fortunately the germs are normally few and fairly harmless but condensate water can get pretty gritty sometimes.

Nice looking trailer Dagny.
Quite a few years ago I lived for a while in a Boler. I found it a bit cramped, and can not even imagine using a teardrop for more than a night or two.

For anybody who does not know what a Boler is here is a link to somebody else's site that explains it well.
May set off to explore without any sense of direction or how to return.