Good to see the east coast is dodging the worst of it. I wonder the effect of these instances in which a hurricane is an imposing threat for a time but doesn't pan out.

Will the unrealized threat save lives in the future as more people started thinking of preparedness or do they increase complacency because in the end nothing happened?

I remember the federal government being closed for a day on the chance that Hurricane Hugo could come up the Chesapeake Bay.

Ended up being a gorgeous sunny day. My roommates and I had not a care in the world and it never crossed our minds to take precautions. Preparedness was not in our vocabulary. Back then we lived at work and Happy Hour and didn't think about much outside of that.

Surprising in hindsight, because one of my roommates was from Mobile and had childhood memories of Hurricane Camille, among others in the intervening years. She used to talk about post-hurricane block barbeques to use up the meat in everone's freezers during the ensuing power outages.

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