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a cat 4 hurricane in NYC could be amost Katrina worth.

No, it would make Katrina look puny. Even a cat. 1 hurricane slamming into NYC would be a major disaster.

Don't forget that Katrina was a Cat 1 hurricane in New Orleans, and just barely at that.

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A hurricane that far north this late in the season might not lose energy to quickly.

We're not late in the season. Peak activity is usually September.

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I live in an area that is predicted to be underwater in a category one storm.

If your elevation is that low pay more attention to tide schedules, landfall timing and storm surge predictions - "category" isn't important when the word "underwater" becomes plausible.


Also the items that would need to be moved in from the backyard to keep them from becomming missiles (we may need to do this anyhow).

Indeed the neighbors would not appreciate being decapitated by a garden hose, or a flower pot behaving like a fast ball, high & inside ...

There is an additional consideration that comes into play in NYC for a go/stay decision - is it really a good idea to be the only one on the block with food and drinking water?