I live in an area that is predicted to be underwater in a category one storm. As might be imagined, I'm watching Bill closely!

According to the National Hurricane Center it looks like Bill should miss us as it goes by, but not by such a wide margin. It looks like there's a good chance I'll wake up Sunday morning to tropical storm force winds. At this time, it does not appear that we will bug out, but I'm keeping the option open.

How are we preparing? I made a checklist of the things that would come with us in the event we head for the hills. Mostly it's high value items and items of sentimental value. Also the items that would need to be moved in from the backyard to keep them from becomming missiles (we may need to do this anyhow). My kids would think it was fun to head to the Catskills to see their grandparents. I also confirmed that my flood insurance is in effect and paid up.

I spent a lot of time in the ocean this past weekend, and I can tell you that the water is WARM this year. If Bill does indeed head our way, I do not imagine that cool water would slow him down too much (mind you, warm for these parts means 75 degrees, not the 80 or 90 you get down south.)

However, to answer the question of how you evacuate NYC, I believe that the consensus answer (on this board, among those I have discussed it with) is that you don't. It simply will not work. There are too many people, and many of them have no means of transportation.

Which is not to say that they will not try, but unless you leave early, I'm not sure you'll do more than sit in traffic. I intend to make my final stay-or-go decision tomorrow (Thursday) evening. If I make the wrong decision, the fall back option is to take shelter in Manhattan on high ground, which should be OK, but I'd rather be upstate 120 miles away!

I plan on making popcorn and watching the fun...

Blast, thanks for your support! Maybe I can borrow your inflatable raft for a few days? That may be the only way to get out of NYC without sitting in traffic, but you'd want to be off the water well before the storm hit!