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Oh, yeah, those are great - if you care to keep the car intact. In a rescue situation it's totally different - you no longer care about the car, so you do things - ahem - quickly.

Picture this - you smash a line along the headliner and the dashboard- then you smash a vertical line so now you have a door-like solid section of glass. Punch a few holes in the upper and lower corners and PULL. If it does not rip out right away, smash a little more along your previous lines. Punch a few holes in there. A Stanley FUBAR tool is great for this too. With 2-3 strong people you can tear the window to a point where it flops open like a hinged door. You use the glue to your advantage to give you a swinging door. It's not EASY but it is possible.

OK, thats different than pulling at out at the gasket as you stated earlier, thats where I was saying newer cars the window isn't held in by a gasket so they just won't pull out, so you either have to cut the sealant or the glass as you now say. Or as thin as the steel is in these new cars I bet a small saw could cut it about as fast smile

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