For my recent 3 day rafting trip on the Rogue River in Oregon, I had a minor incident caused by the way I carry my survival kit. My kit is about twice the size of Doug's PSP, and I carry it on a belt in an AquaPac, at the small of my back.

If you've whitewater rafted, you know that "unauthorized swims" are not highly unusual. Once you've managed to get to slower water, the raft approaches you... you hang on to the grab lines (usually along the side of the tube) and someone inside grabs your lifejacket by the shoulders. One monumental heave, and usually you're back inside the boat.

Not so with me. One monumental heave wedged my Survival Kit belt buckle under the lifeline... making it almost impossible to pull me further into the raft. I rolled around with my back to the raft, and the kit itself hung up. Finally brute force from two people inside the raft broke me loose and pulled me in. No worse for wear, except for an upper back "pull". And, scared! Quite scared!

So I'm going to re-think my carry options.