Thanks everyone for your concern. I am sure Chris will appreciate it.

It was a tough call posting without his ok. I feel a little bad that I have done so. But I figured whatever I end up sending him will pale in comparison to what we can do as a group and have a better impact on him and his family.

To honor (at least some of) his privacy, I will let him tell what he wants to tell when he is able.

I don't really know Chris well except for a handful of correspondence, but I find him to be a good guy. If I hear from him in advance of his return to the forum, I will pass on whatever news I am able.

Let me know what you think. With the mention of sending money, I would rather not touch that. What if we set up a PayPal account for Chris and give Doug the password. That way he can monitor the account and when Chris is back online, we just give it to him. Then he can access the money and change the password. And it will be clear that only deposits were made and Chris can thank whoever contributed since their is a record of it.

In addition to money, I will send some stuff too, like blankets and the all important Kona coffee. I know Chris likes his coffee. I just wish I could do it now when he might need it most.

Aloha...sitting tight like the rest of you...