How old is he?

I really like SAKs- locking blades are safer for rough work, but I remember I had a hard time with lock backs until I was about 9-10, and liner locks require a bit more finess.

I'd probably lean to the Climber or a similar model. Big blade, little/emergency/back up blade, can opener (not really needed but a good preparedness item), bottle opener (more and more sodas have pop tops), scissors (use mine daily), awl (so he doesn't break the tip off poking stuff) and the corkscrew to hold the glasses screwdriver (if not for his, for someone elses).

Or the Cadet, but I do think scissors are near critical.

In any case, a lanyard with a good clip. Over time add whistle, light, and ferro rod. smile

Ahhh... I saw your other thread. Six... Maybe the MiniChamp? Small hands need small knives, but the layers of this should make it big enough to get a grip on and it has useful tools but also enough gadgetty bits to be cool

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