What do you do when you are a frienly ghooaasstt !!

I have been thinking about all those messy situations that happened in Serbia, Iraq, Beirut Rwanda ..etc. There were popel of different ethnic or religious belifes living together in peace and then suddenly its war.

A story I was never able to forget is when Hutus or Tutsis (can't tell the difference) ordered a man from their tribe to kill his wife from the other tribe or be killed himself. I can imagine same might have happened to a Serbian man ordered to kill his Croat wife for example, or Iraqi man asked to kill his wife from the other tribe or other religion. It can be North Korean and South Korean, or Indonesian and East Timorese (sp?) whatever. It may even be Russians and Georgeans.

I know a few persons who tried to live peacefully in the middle but each ended up treated as a "hypocrite" by the other side, and a "traitor" by his own side.

Now let's say, you are from an ethnic/religious group but you don't particularly care, and want to only live in peace and enjoy life as is. However, there are fanatics on your side and on the other side.

There is no war, but tensions are high. How do you plan to survive this situation ? Do you leave the country or area and forget about both sides ? Do you try to resolve things and propably get hurt in the process?

Does it make a difference in your decision if your side is the majority or the minority ?