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Shelter halves...LOL. Never saw one after Basic. We spent our time living out of tracks/trucks or hootches in third world playgrounds. Screws always come in handy when building hootches...made a solar charger for a cheap 9.6v cordless drill, no use in breaking your wrist trying to drive a 3" deck screw into plywood.
Come to think of it, I don't think I ever saw them again either. It was so dumb how the SGT's would make us take them down and put them back up because they were "not properly aligned" with the rest of the tents in the row. It looked like a seen out of an old movie -- of course we were using 30's or 40's technology. I do remember sleeping in or under tracks. That freaked me out a bit the first time I was told "go sleep under the track." (155mm self propelled howitzer)

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Plywood? Oh, yeah...combat engineers would always drop a pile of cr*@ in front of us to use for overhead cover and the like. Depending on where we were at, the first thing we'd usually make was a bar....
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