First...would like to say this is my first post to ETS after lurking on the forum for years and scouring the ETS website.

As a cyclist and a 'prepared person', I would hesitate to over think the joy of cycling in urban/suburban areas with the concepts of being prepared for the worst of it when in the back country.

My work commute when I do so, is 15 miles each way and on weekends can ride up to 100 miles for fun. Aside from my EDC and essentials for work (clothes, etc)there is not that much that needs to be addressed over the basics for work commutes.

-powerbar (et al)
-Ability to change a tire
-eye protection
-lighting for your ride, front and back
-work related items, clothing, keys, etc
-proper clothing for cycling comfort, including a brightly colored top.
-cell phone
-I suggest an id tag from Roadid dot com.

Baring an accident, the worst to happen enroute is most likely a flat. If you have prepared your trip by giving route information to a co-worker, buddy or significant other, a phone call can get you where you need to be in due time, especially if your within a few miles of the start or ending destination.

The worst I ever had was a three flatter ride and stuck along the freeway. My wife was called and she arrived two hours later. Meanwhile several motorists stopped to see if I needed assistance and kept me well supplied in water.
Don't just survive. Thrive.