Part of the reason why I think some of the people have advised a 8 to 10 dollar mora is simple. I could suggest you buy a 130 dollar folder. Good blade steel, durable to handle the light bushcraft for a "light" hiking/camping trip AND able to hack thru some serious mess if it all goes downhill. But then when you fly back over to your side of the pond you either have to sell it, taking a big hit on the cost you paid for it, or give/throw it out soaking the full brunt of the cost.
Or I could suggest a relatively inexpensive sheath knife that will handle all the light brushcraft requiered, most if not all medium without having to be too carefull and maybe some of the heavy, "the poop hits the fan" I'm in serious trouble here stuff if you are carefull in what you do. When all the fun is over, you can still take it home, after all its much akin to a fishing fillet knife in profile and can easily find a welcome home in your kitchen.
My suggestion to you, for what its worth, is get yourself a nice swiss army knife, like a farmer, outdoorsman, or hunter. You will still be able to have it over there in the UK, then a mora, or if you want a folder a buck 110. Hunters, farmers and general outdoorsmen have been using the humble buck 110 for generations to handle the tasks at hand and it can be had for 25 bucks or less....not much to lose if you ditch it when you fly home. You can think of it as a "rental". Just my 2, hope you have a great time and good luck in your adventure.

-Bill Liptak