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One thing I don't understand: If an 8 dollar mora is all I need, why are people discussing knives costing several hundred dollars?
The Sock

Almost everyone who you meet here is just as interested to talk about "Equipped to camp", "Equipped to do outdoor cooking" or "Equipped to hike". But the site is called "Equipped to survive". So that looks to me to be the starting point of all discussions. I am a big fan of Mora and Frosts knives. The thing is that there is a limit to what you can do with them. You will not need the extra strength if you go on a regular camping trip and everything goes as planned. A lot of camping guides advise just a folding knive or multitool. But if you get lost you might have to use the knife for heavier jobs. Since you say you can't even start a fire I presume you don't have all the skills you would need to survive when you are "under-equipped". Then it is worth considering carrying a stronger knive that can take some abuse (law permitting). A fine shop in the UK is www.heinnie.com. This tread started more or less with the argument that there are excellent knives that do not cost several hundred dollars.