I watched the video clips yesterday on knifetests.com in which the Rough Use Knife sold by cheaperthandirt.com was put through the wringer. Now, I never seem myself taking a 3 pound sledge hammer and pounding it into a block of concrete. I doubt I'd let anyone do that with any knife I owned. But seeing that $10 knife take being chopped and pounded into both wood and concrete left an impression.

I've got relatives with two children, one almost 5 and one just over a year, for whom I've been thinking about putting together a bug-out kit, or at lest the start of one. I know there will be a Mora in any such kit, but one of these might find it's way in there too.

I cannot see myself changing my mind about a knife I wanted because pounding it into concrete or metal plate broke it. But, the fact that something can take abuse and still be ok is not a negative.