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Adam, we should stop thinking that we will be in a rural area whan disaster strikes - where we can batton wood properly. As a citizen of Long Island you should realise the first things you are going to encouter after a storm or an earthquake etc. is steel, concrete, brick. Maybe you get trapped indoor. You nore I have enough imagination to anticipate what exactly can happen. But as Ironraven points out you will find yourself in rubble of every kind. Offcourse you should use proper technique but what if your not able to? The tests on knifetest.com seem random but they are an exemple of order, technique and tidiness compared to a real situation.

IMO, if you are in a survival situation then you need to be EXTRA careful about technique. A glancing blow while chopping could suddenly change your situation from just a few rough days to one of immediate assistance required. Search the website for Chris K's island adventure where one of the party steps on a stingray. Focused and deliberate is what you need to be.

Storms, earthquakes etc. these are all things that can be prep’d for. Search for Schwert’s EDC article he has been through an earthquake and has taking steps to prepare for possible future event. BTW, yes he has a prybar available and so I. wink