But Chris, the example you give is just excellent to proof the point. Signal mirrors will be
dropped in the field! They just will be dropped. Why is Keri Kliemann from Ultimate Survival
so proud to present the new StarFlash Ultra in the interview with Doug Ritter? It reflects more
sunlight and still is unbreakable! You know Murphy’s law!
In defense of knifetests.com, I think it’s not “animal cruelty”, but just the curiousness of boys
and men. Raise your hands if you never wanted to know what was inside the radio and then
when you found out were not able to put it back together again! See! No hands, so we are all guilty.
Who never wondered about what exactly your favorite knife could handle? Who did not think
about doing the Mors Kochanski test but did not do it because you just spend to much for the
knife? I for sure wanted to, but did not take the risk. Well the boys from knifetests take it to
that limit. You are right that in the end everything can be broken but it is nice to know just
when an item breaks.
I do not completely agree with tossing some steel and replacing it with several fistfulls of
fatwood. I do carry tinder but in the end you will run out and than it’s better to have some tool
so you can gather it yourself. Additionally if you are tossing out the heavy stuff: SAKs, big
folder, fixed beltknife, spare Moras , multi tool, hatchet,survival rifle bayonet, Kukhri,
ATAX, Spetsnaz survival machete, swedish bow saw, wire saw and razor blades in the PSK -
you will have to choose someting that can do most of the tasks all the other stuff can do. And
that is going to have to be one hell of a rugged blade!
For Homer. I own several knives but the one i like most now is the CS San Mai Master
Hunter. I tend to go for smaller knives now. I like the flat ground and the handle is very
comfortable ( but not as durable as micarta). It is razor sharp and again: I can sharpen it
myself. The steel should perform as the Fallkniven did in the test, since it is also laminated
steel . As a bonus it is modestly priced. Not the cheapest but a long way from CRK. Should it
ever be tested and performs badly, it will have to go!