I have a Chris Reeve knife (Shadow). It is a nice knife and is a 'survival' knife but the grip is terrible, it causes blisters, and your hands to slip. I prefer my RAT-7 over it any day of the week! Better grip (awesome), better at chopping, still a beastly strong knife, good at holding a blade (D2).

The CR knife is plenty strong for prying wood (as shown in video), I have done very little of it, but did dig out some sappy pine wink

I plan to sell my CR Shadow here shortly and possibly get a 2nd Rat-7 in 1095, unsure. If I was rich I'd try out the CR Neil Roberts knife, but for the $ it looks darn close to a Rat-7 just in a fancier steel... oh well laugh

Input from someone who owns a CR knife.

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