I think ulf has a valid point when these knives are being promoted as military knives.

It's been my experience both from reading real life accounts and from friends I know in the military that the folks in the armed forces are harder on blades than anybody (save our friend at knifetests.com) and could easily ask a lot of a knife and need it to perform a task for which it wasn't designed. Almost any time I hear 'the tips break off easily' or 'They won't hold an edge worth a damn' it's coming from the mouth of a friend who is in or used to be in the military...they just ask that much more from their tools.

I'd be willing to bet that over wherever it is out fighting forces are sent it's not an uncommon sight to see blade vs metal and blade vs concrete as much as it is to see blade vs MRE packaging. I've heard stories of snipers using their knives to chop a hole in a brick wall to make a gun port and knives used to hack through barbed wire to disentangle a trapped comrade...I'm sure the list goes on nearly infinitely.

Now that being said, I'm sure none of them are using a sledge to pound the blade into something but it's still food for thought.