The only disappointment I felt was after realizing I wasted 40 minutes watching these "tests".

Actually, I take that back. At first I was fine with the slicing, cutting, chopping, second cutting, first baton, third cutting, and digging tests. I only started to think it was all a waste when the host started placing the blade on an angle, began to hit it with the three pound hammer and failed to hit the blade directly on the spine several times.

Friggin' shocker... Torque on the blade caused a relatively brittle steel to break...

I probably wouldn't have been so disappointed in these "tests" if they were undertaken with very strict protocols, but when you introduce the human element into testing there's going to be vast number of variations. He was holding both the hammer and knife in his hands and striking one against the other at different angles with variable force. You could counter with, "humans will be using these blades in the field, not machines." and that's valid to a point. However, it also negates any type of ranking system between various blades from different manufacturers. It could very well be an odd variable and not an attribute of the blade that allows one knife to survive longer than another.

You could argue that the first tests that I was OK with had a human element in them, and I'd agree. I'd also say that they were a little more forgiving of variation.

On a side note...

I neither own nor have any interest in Chris Reeve knives because they're beyond what I'm willing to pay for a blade. So, I don't have to defend him based on my experience. However, I feel the need to question your (ulfhedinn) motives when you state, "Since this is a different kind of steel than the last one now the Reeve factory seems to have a real problem." based on a "test" that shows obvious user error.

You also have a total of 28 posts, many of which (12 I believe) are within 2 threads started by you and with the titles "Chris Reeve Disappointment" and "Another Chris Reeve Disappointment"

Are you intentionally trying to slander Chris Reeve and his work?

"Learn survival skills when your life doesn't depend on it."