Don't argue the extremes of the usefulness of the knife tests. If there is really a need for standardized testing of knives, then we should seek to set up a body of personnel to perform these tasks. All the arguments in this forum (more specifically - this thread) point to the need for proper equipment reviews.

Now in the area of survival, there is more to the subject than just carrying the "ultimate super ultra deluxe most bestest" knife. My thoughts are outlined below:

Being prepared:
-Carry the best equipment (yes - including the knife(s)) possible (within your limitations of budget, weight, situation, etc.)
-Practice your skills frequently and regularly
-Test your equipment and perform frequent and regular maintenance.

In an emergency, you might not have the best knife possible. What does this mean? Is it that without your fancy knife you will just roll over and die? How about trying to conserve on your resources as much as possible? How about treating your equipment with care? Is it possible to split wood by hitting it against a rock rather then battoning it?

A situation called an "emergency" usually does not have much that is regular or normal about it. The ability to make do with what is at hand is sometimes the difference between survival and failure.

Hmmm... Am having difficulty wading through my own thoughts here. Time to get some lunch - now where did I put my katana? I need to battle some calories...
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