This is a stretch but bear with me. Last night I recieved training on how to lever and crib debris off of a trapped person using the scenario of a tornado. In that case we had a big bar to use as a fulcrum.

A lot of emphasis was put on the fact that in a disaster, you're lucky to have any equipment at all sometimes as there could be thousands of casualties which need levers, volunteers, tools ,etc...who's to say there's enough to go around? We had to improvise and make cribbing out of the debris we were removing as we removed was a real problem solving experience and made all the more critical as there were bodies in the pile we couldn't neccessarily see at first.

After I got home I thought of scenarios where I might be by myself and need to do this. I don't carry a pry bar in my car and the one which comes with the jack is not suitable for prying. The only other thing I would have handy which one could pry with is a knife (assuming I had a fixed blade to use). Obviously not the best option but I could see rare situations where a knife could be your only available lever. You might not be able to lift anything very high with one but with enough suitable cribbing that's only a matter of patience.