Once saw a knife test from different folk. All the knives were destroyed. except the one made out of titanium. Which was bent back and forth past ninety degrees but worked as well as it ever did once straightened. Down side to titanium is it never gets very hard so it never gets shaving sharp or holds much of an edge.

which makes it seems to be the perfect knife, except for being perpetually dull. But then again who does that to a knife. Where is that a job requiremnt.

Reminds me of the PB Blaster advertisement. They squirt it into Styrofoam cup and rejoice when the cup dissolves. The implies message is that this test proves its superiority. Well ... it does ... in a way. It proves it is superior if the job your trying to do is dissolve Styrofoam cups.

Pays to keep your eye on the ball. If your job requirements are such that you abuse your knifes in a similar way then this sort of abusive testing is going to tell you a lot and will provide you with useful information. If your requirements don't ... then that sort of abusive testing is an easily discounted curiosity.

But if you want nearly indestructible, even at the ability to hold an edge, you might want to look at one of the titanium knives.