There ya go (another fine site with some semblance of actual science)

Personally I sort of like the site...to a point. It's nice to know what the limits are. I think it's a pretty naive view to think you'll never ever abuse a knife. You hope it never happens of course but situations can drive us to desparate measures...and accidents happen no matter how careful we are.

The Gerber LMF II did fairly well in his tests. But this knife was designed with escaping a crashed helicopter in mind...it was intended to be driven through metal. God forbid I should ever be in that situation but if I were and the knife snapped, then I'd be stuck AND without a knife to survive with once I egressed (I've always thought that was a funny term).

When I do search and rescue I carry this knife as a second knife partly because it's nice to have a big knife when you don't have an axe or a machete or something but also because if I need to dig somebody out of trouble, I know it's going to hold up to whatever seems like a good idea at the time. I don't even pretend to think what that situation might be but whatever it is, I know I have a suitable tool thanks to that site...call it a sharpened pry bar if you like but I won't be carving figurines or slicing tomatoes with it anyhow.