To Ironraven: The "Beavis and Butthead" comment is funny. Really it is! But as Dan_Mcl points out: "I kind of like seeing the things that make the knives fail or otherwise become damaged". OK, it is pointless hitting a Porsche with a sledge but they do crashtest all cars! A car is for driving and moving stuff not for crashing it into a concrete wall, is it? What those guys do isn't that much different. I don't want to label them as children that torture small animals, because there are entire nations who consider just carrying a knife as sacriligious as some consider destroying one.
And there are cheap knives (less then 50 dollar) that go a long way: GI Tanto, Cheaper Than Dirt even the Bushman. I do love bushcraft and outdoorskills but in a survival situation you just don't know what problem lays ahead.