I do think this testing thing is getting a bit out of hand...

Personally I like knives that slice well.

IMO in a camp-out scenario, knives are used for food prep more than anything. So a good slicer is what I want.

If I'm camping out, I will take my axe with me to do any chopping work. Why? Because its the most efficient tool for the job. And I do enjoy a good axe work-out.

The problem arises when people say: "what if you can only take one tool to do everything?".

So now a knife has to be a slicer, a chopper AND a prybar.

Personally I think 99% of jobs can be handled by a SAK and a small axe or hatchet.

The military scenario is another ballgame. I guess if I was in the military I would be looking at knives other than Chris Reeve right now. There are plenty of options to choose from.

If I was forced to take just one knife that I might have to trust my life on, I would have to think long and hard about my choice.

In terms of size, weight, cutting ability and all round efficiency, I would probably still take a OH Trekker. Why chop when it has one of the best small saws around?

I hate to say it, but the most useful and practical knife in my collection is also the cheapest.

Boy, I hope my wife never reads this! LOL

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