ehhh.... that's a bummer - I have a Project I!

I suppose I'll have to check out the gory details...

The fall-out after the Green Beret test was bad enough, I guess the knives will really be out now (scuse the pun).

EDIT: I took a quick look... don't know what to think about that. On the one hand I would never purposely try to break a knife by hammering on it. On the other hand there have been other knives costing far less that have endured more punishment in these tests.

Perhaps it has something to do with the lateral strength of certain steels? Or perhaps the serrations are to blame?

I would still be happy to take my Project I on a trip and I'm sure it would do everything I asked of it. I have batoned the crap out of mine and all it did was lose a bit of coating.

It does give one pause for thought however. But are these tests now to be the ultimate decider on what makes a good knife or not?

I don't expect my knives to perform like crowbars, I just want them to cut well.

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