Here's the start of a thread i began on the 24th of february about how close we came to the scenario in Warday (the russians launch a first strike, because they are terrified we are about to do so). Some VERY scary replies I got from people who were on the inside of the nuclear face off..
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Did anyone see the terrifying documentary on UK tv a few weeks back about November 1983. The Russians took our sabre rattling at face value and decided a paper Nato exercise (no troops were actually being moved) was a real attack and we were about to launch a nuclear strike.
They were minutes away from beating us to it. The Politburough were in a fall out shelter. The subs were all under the ice cap, the SS20s hidden in the forests and the nuclear bombers were on the runways with engines running.
Their spys in Nato managed to persuade them there was no evidence of anything unusual happpening there and they came back from the brink.
Gordonovski the famous 'spy who saved the world' told the west how close it had come and we put our sabres back in our scabbards. Scary stuff
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