Sounds like good logic from a guy who has been around, I agree with you Ben.

I have hunted a lot over the past 30 years and agree than the vast majority of game that my partners or I have harvested has been under 100 yards.

A high-powered rifle cartridge with decent bullet weight/velocity would be my first choice for big game hunting but in North American shotgun-only areas 100,000's of deer/bears are cleanly taken each year.

I often use a combination gun to near silently take small game with the .22 rimfire but have the shotgun option to collect flying game birds or big game with a slug. The shotgun is also effective when I have this gun in camp for bear protection. With a shotgun you vary the ammunition to match the situation.

I am currently shopping for a Baikal O/U Combination Gun in 30-06/12ga. to use when I go grouse hunting in the fall, for at the same time the local moose season is on. Seen here
Not the most graceful double ever made, but it is a good deal for a utility firearm.