Just my random 2 cents worth, have or have had .22 to .375H&H, .410 to 10 gauge.

.22: many rounds of ammo in small volume, inexpensive guns available, wide range of guns available. BUT limited “knock-down” power (yes I know about the polar bears, not me, not on purpose)

SKS: inexpensive, readily available, nearly indestructible, reasonably accurate, BUT heavy. Ammo cheap, fair selection of bullets, generally non-reloadable steel cases (policing brass is probably not a priority with the primary end-users). I keep one on the tractor for coyotes, etc., hasn’t failed yet.

We have a similar Rossi (interchangeable .22 and .410 barrels) to start the kids on. Light, reasonably accurate, hasn’t blown up yet after hundreds (? thousands) of rounds. I wouldn’t want this as my only gun, though.
"Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than skillfull"