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If you dont think you will need something 100% then chances are you may not ever use it. It looks to be a reliable little gun for what you described. You do have your basics covered though. From my experiences the .223 is a good little round.

If you think .308 ammo is too expensive consider reloading. I have a friend who reloads and he says he can save up to 80 % of the cost depending on what cal you reload. I will be starting soon.

Ha! Yeah, .308 is pricey. But the 8mm Mauser, and more-so the 7.62x54R is even worse. Many stores don't even carry the latter, even though they're selling the rifles for it (there's some great managerial foresight).

OK, it seems so far that most of the comments are in the "pass it up" category. Fun, but mainly a waste of money. If anyone has more "pro's" to change my mind, by all means speak up.

Thanks to everyone so far.