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Until I clothesline you and take your bike and your stuff. I mean, not me, but someone would or even worse, could.

Indeed, someone will...if you let them. Not to hijack this thread but if TSHTF bad enough to where I end up buggin' out on the bike, my mindset will be in "shoot first, ask questions later" mode. We can go back and forth all day with, "Yeah, but what if I..." comments but when the SHTF, all talk will be cheap and if anyone catches me slipping (or sleeping), you're right, they get my bike and my stuff.

Aren't we lucky we can just speculate on and imagine these scenarios instead of living out the reality of fighting for our lives and perhaps living with the baggage of taking another persons life, or having to make the tough call to leave behind loved pets for the sake of loved ones.

Austin,Texas and Pasadena,California are both major cities. Let's pray we never find ourselves in a bad enough situation to where we have to make these decisions.