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a HumVee might make more sense (as long as you can get gas!).

A HumVee is/was desifned for todays modern military, that alone makes it not the best choice for a personal bug our vehilce. Its designed with military use and a military support structure in mind. Its designed to fit in with tanks and large vehicles and designed with the thought that there will be a fuel supply chain (Diesel not gas). For a personal vehicle a jeep or 4x4 truck/suv is a better choice since they are still intended to be a personal vehilce. To illustrate the purpose specific deisgn a little better, imagine your running a package shipping and delivery company, would you want two seat small cars or box vans, but driving to and from work in a parking garage which would be a better vehicle the two seat small car or the box van? Its all about using the right tool for the job.
This is one of the reasons I went with a basic pickup truck rather than something like a HumVee or even the civi version or H2. A 4x4 truck is designed to carry a few people,tools, supplies, gear which fits a family well. I can carry my family in the extended cab and still have room in the bed for planty of gear and supplies.