The matches are fine, they just need a better package. Ziplocks suck.

I would however pull the large Bic, and replace the mini with a fresh one (again, zip tie or something under the plunger). I'd also think about pulling one of the ferro-based systems (says the guy with a Sparklight and a cut-down Doans in his kit). That will free up enough space for you to put a USGI or better match case in there, with the striker taped to the inside (strike surface facing the wall of the container, not the sticky or the matches).

What you don't have in there is tinder. You need tinder, don't count on being able to find any when it is cold and wet and getting dark and your coordination has gone to hell.

This is the kind of thing I think needs to be in a vest. You'll always be wearing the vest; you won't always be wearing the pack.

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