If I tried to put everything on paper then I'd need a bigger truck to haul it smile

Consider why you might need to leave your home in 30 minutes. Fire, Flood, etc your going to bug out to a hotel room for a week then come back and if your home was spared pick up where yu left off. You don't want to be buying a new computer to read those files for that week you will need your cash or credit for the hotel and food and clothing. But you may need a bank statement or something as proof that you have $ if your bank's atm network is down.
A longer term evacuation where maybe your home is destroyed you may need a lot more documents and pictures of posessions to show the insurance company. You may even need to find a new job if your employer is destroyed. Your going to end up driving around to an insurance agent or library to find a computer to plug that drive into.

Or you could have a "bug out laptop" and just connect to the hotel's wireless and get everything done from there. My laptop fits in a slip case which is 8.5x11x1.5" so its the same size as a paper binder. So if I have to leave the house its easy to grab and go. A spare power supply stays in my bob and I can slip its case down in the bob too in just a few seconds so it can go with me all in one package.

This makes my leave the house plan less than 5 minutes, get dressed, grab the bob, grab the laptop and go.