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As a result, any BOB I build doesn't have a sleeping bag. But he's certainly got a place to mount one. Instead, my sleeping bags are stored on hangers where they can breath and be fluffed. If I have to, it takes maybe 2 minutes to dump the right bag for the season into the dry bag that already has a pad, hammock and hammock straps in it. If I have time, I'll pull in the compression straps, and mounted it to BOB; if I don't, grab the carry handle and have a hand full. *shrugs*

Totally agree with you Ironraven. My sleeping bag is in the bag from REI that it came with, and as such is about as big as my BOB (a large ALICE pack). I can pack it quick if need be, or just cram it into the bag.

But, just in case, my BOB does have 2 wool blankets, as well as the obligatory space blankets. I've also got a fleece top, wool glove liners, and fleece hat in it.

Plus, since I don't plan on walking as my first mode of transport, my car has more space blankets and 2 more wool blankets, vacuum sealed and tucked under my backseat.