Ironraven -
  • The yellow survival tent from REI has been removed
  • The smaller Playtypus water container has been removed
  • The large soap bar will be removed when I find a travel sized bar
  • Bug spray has been put in a plastic bag
  • I don't actually have a CamelBack bladder in the BOB, it wouldn't fit.
  • Hand sanitizer bottles will be limited
  • Sleeping bag will be hanging near the BOB for quick attaching
  • I will have to think about limiting the flashlights, it's always such a hard decision...
  • The lid to the 700ml cup is near the cup but i can't figure out how to attach it to the cup when the cup is on the Nalgene bottle...

Teacher-The fleece gloves, cap, and jacket are on the way

JIM- I have a full baggy of 50 quick tinders that are waiting to go into my kit(s) once I get my order of tiny bottles and baggys in.

climberslacker- I will be ordering a box of N95 masks ASAP. I am always hesitant to order a certain type just because there are SO many different styles and I don't want to order an inferior model.

Shadow-I will be making a repair kit very soon. There was a great post like a week ago about repair kits that will help me in my formation of the kit.

Thanks for the help everyone!!!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Frankin