Nice kit, a friend of mine has the same pack, I bought it for him about 3 yrs ago and it has held up well. I used to have the Camelbak version myself, which was twice the weight. Your BOB seems well thought out, I'm sure you'll add and subtract things over time as we all do, personal choices, changing conditions etc. Point is you saw the need to create one, and a good start considering working within a budget. One suggestion if your concerned about the
stitching is to do like I did, purchase the thread from ebay or whatever source you chose and add some to your sewing kit or field repair kit. Another thing that seems to have stirred a discussion is the addition of a sleeping bag, I would suggest carrying one either attached to your BOB or carried in your car. Just my opinion though, I'm sure some will argue either for or against.
Shadow out !!!

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