>CamelBack bladder could go
Remember that water occupied about 60 cubic inches per quart/liter, plus space for all the parts of the bladder. If you are tight already, don't count on getting a big bladder in. I'd rather have the Nalgenes if forced to pick between bottles and bladders.

>mini BIC lighter
Ziptie under the plunger so it can't be vented accidentally. Goes for the big Bic as well.

>Cutter bugspray 35 DEET
Bag it WELL. A small hard case for it would be better. DEET eats nylon, and the damage isn't always visible. On your lower cost packs, you don't find true Codura as often, which is one of the most dense and thus most resistant nylons available, but still- I've switched to paramethium (I think that is what is called- Cutter Advanced)

>2 bottles hand sanitizer
1 should be enough.

>Survival tent from REI (yellow)
Drop it, you have the GoLite

>Stainless Steel mess kit
Expand, you might be able to cut something out here.

> [*]Playtypus 2 liter water carrier
> [*]Playtypus 1 liter water bag
I'd say pick one.

> [*]Lid for Snow Peak 700ml cup
Should be with the cup.

You caught most of your own short comings. I would strip out some of the clothes, myself, but not the socks.

I'd add a vest, preferably not an obviously tactical pattern but photo/safari or fishing type. Put some of your core items (PSK, FAK, one knife or multi, flashlight, etc) in it, that way if you have to drop BOB for some reason you've still got the major components. That will free up some space.

This has compression straps high and low- I'm not a fan of Blackhawk, but they make accessory pockets of about 300ci each that will fit on there that run about 20 bucks each. Similiarly, if you have a small enough sleeping bag, some of your shelter items can share a dry bag with it under the pack, or just put some of your smaller soft stuff and your consumables in a dry bag and last it to the bottom of the pack.

You have a number of flashlights- cut the number down, and if possible settle on two battery sizes. You'll need spare batteries.

In some places you've got full sized items (like the bar of soap) where you can get away with a cut down or travel sized equivalent.

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