I can't speak for anyone else, but my answer to the sleeping bag question:

BOB is stored fully loaded, except possibly for water (I've got 4 quarts at all times in mine). Sleeping bags that are stored in compression bags for a long time go to pot, pure and simple. You lose loft, and it never comes back. Also, the bag I carry in summer (lows in the 50s-60s) is in no way shape or form able to deal with my winter needs (lows in the single digits or lower, with -30s happening several times a year).

As a result, any BOB I build doesn't have a sleeping bag. But he's certainly got a place to mount one. Instead, my sleeping bags are stored on hangers where they can breath and be fluffed. If I have to, it takes maybe 2 minutes to dump the right bag for the season into the dry bag that already has a pad, hammock and hammock straps in it. If I have time, I'll pull in the compression straps, and mounted it to BOB; if I don't, grab the carry handle and have a hand full. *shrugs*

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