I have a Kelty RedCloud pack that may be the home of this kit soon (especially if I add the proper amount of clothing).

I have heard that Titanium Cooksets may be very light weight but Aluminum kits are better at actually cooking in. All I have every really cooked anything in is stainless steel. I'm looking at the MSR Blacklight cookset .

As far as what the SOS rations taste like: I just got them about a week ago and I haven't opened one up yet. I ordered a whole slew of different brands of rations just to try them. The problem is that when you open them, I think you "expose" ALOT of the ration (like 3 days worth)??? A bit much for a sampling...

Anyway, I will try them and let everyone know what I think

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Frankin